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A  chieftain of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Prince Khalid Olabisi, has said that the proposed merger involving the ACN, Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), and All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) will guarantee speedy development. He said the merger is not only aimed at wresting power from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) , but to ultimately make the country attain the much-needed greatness.

Prince Olabisi said the achievements recorded by governors in the states controlled by the parties have shown that, if they form the government at the centre, genuine development would be replicated in every part of the country.

He lamented that the PDP had failed to give the country genuine leadership capable of resolving the present socio-economic and political quandary.

Olabisi, who was the House of Representatives candidate for Saki West and East Federal Constituency on the platform of the ACN in the 2011 general elections, said that the beauty of democracy is realisable only when those elected by the people become conscious of the need to give the electorate effective and selfless representation.

He blamed the PDP government for not harnessing the great resources available in the country to improve the well-being of the people. He stated that the level of poverty in the land is as a result of the incompetent leadership fostered on the people by the PDP led government at the centre.

Olabisi noted that poverty and unemployment have become more pronounced among the people because the government has not made any genuine efforts to empower the masses to become self-reliant or employers of labour.

“Unemployment and poverty have continued to take a toll on Nigerians. This raises a critical need for the Federal Government to take record of unemployed Nigerians and immediately develop a road map for the employment of some and empowerment of others,” he said.

On power, he said the current 4,500MW of electricity being generated and distributed is inadequate for a country of 150 million people. “As electricity is one of the infrastructural facilities that are catalysts for national development, the Federal Government should continue to deliver on its promise of steady and sustainable electricity supply to all Nigerians.”

He maintained that “power has a multiplying effect on the economy. With availability of electricity, most people would become self-employed. Artisans would contribute to the growth of the economy. This, invariably, will reduce the level of criminality in the society. The power sector should be improved in order to enhance small-scale businesses.

“Wealthy Nigerians who have stashed funds in foreign banks should repatriate such funds for the purpose of investing them in Nigeria in order to create employment opportunities,” he urged.


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