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The publicity secretary of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe,  has described the plan by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to win the state and other states in the South- west in 2015 as mere wishful thinking.

Igbokwe told NDUBUISI ORJI in an interview in Lagos that the zone remained a no-go area for the ruling party.

PDP threat to take over South-West
We are turning this thing into a joke. Politics is supposed to be a serious business. No wonder Bishop (Desmond) Tutu said politics is too important to be left for politicians alone. When people turn serious issues of governance into mediocrity, we don’t need to give way to what they are saying by replying them.
You see, in the South-West, in  Lagos where I work, we let our work speak for us.  The only thing we have to say, the only story we have to tell the people is the work.  So, if you say you want to come and take over South-West, they will ask you what you have done. You can see the transformation that is going on in Lagos State. We always tell them, you have been at the helm of affairs at the federal level  for 14 years now, what have you done?

All the things you promised to do fourteen years ago, are still there-our hospitals are still mere consulting clinics. Our federal roads are bad all over the country. Kidnappers and Boko Haram people are ravaging the landscape. You see  problem of insecurity staring everybody in the face. Our educational system is in shambles. We are not creating jobs. We are losing jobs on a daily basis. Factories are closing every day because there is no power to run the factories. So, what are they (PDP) going to tell them.

Take Lagos for instance, what will the PDP tell the people.  What will PDP tell Lagosians. They can’t  trust Lagos with PDP. The people  have worked so hard with everything at their disposal to get rid of PDP  in the South west; because the party believe in taking power without anything to show for it. Power without responsibility.

How did the power get out of their hand  in the first place.  Their son, Obasanjo became the president of Nigeria without winning his ward, without winning his local government, without winning his state and without winning the whole of South west. And in 2003, he came  and started begging Asiwaju and other governors “support me and I will support you. How can I be the president of Nigeria without a base. Can’t you sympathize with me”.

They said okay lets us help him. The moment Obasanjo was elected president, they rigged the other states, it was only Lagos state that they could not rig. You know what it took them- Bola Ige was sacrificed. Abraham Adesanya was sacrificed. So many people died because of that deceit. Because of that betrayal. And I know, as the publicity secretary of our party for almost six years now,  what   it took us to retrieve our mandates  from the invaders. We call them invaders. And you are telling us that the people of the South west will vote the PDP governorship candidates   again?

No room for PDP  in Lagos State
In fact, they  tried to rig in 2003 and even posted results in the internet. But when they saw the red eyes of Lagosians, they ran way.  In 2007 they boasted again that  they will do it. We were going round the polling booth. We prepared and over prepared thinking that we have people that will challenge us, only for us to get to the polling booth, we didn’t see anybody. Where ACN is getting 200 votes, you see PDP getting five votes.  That was what we saw throughout Lagos.

In 2011, they brought Dosunmu and made all the noise; because they have to make noise so that Abuja will think that they are working. They made all the noise in the world. But at the end of the day, nothing happened. You saw Fashola cruising away with millions of votes, leaving Ade Dosunmu battered.
Now tell me, with what is happening in Lagos, with all the transformation, you think they can win Lagos.

You see occasionally , they make so much news so that Abuja will think they are working and they give them some money. They make the noise in the afternoon but in the night, they come to us and say, don’t mind; we have to show that we are working. They come to hail the governor under the cover of darkness.

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