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Sep 27, 2011 1 Comment ›› ACN (ji)

The Action Congress of Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to take a decisive measure to end the recurring killing of innocent citizens by the police following the death of a baker after he was allegedly brutalised by the police in Lagos recently.

In a statement in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the persistent extra-judicial killings could lead to a situation where aggrieved persons or groups would take the laws into their own hands if the government refused to act.

The ACN explained that it was government’s inaction after the extra-judicial killings of members of the Boko Haram that partly forced the sect to embark on a killing frenzy, in which it targets security agents, especially policemen, and engage in a dangerous bombing campaign.

The party added, “No society can have peace without justice. Therefore, the government must ensure that all victims of extra-judicial killings in the country get justice. It is not just enough to dismiss the policemen who carry out such killings. They must be made to face the law, and their cases dispensed with summarily to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to toe that path.

“The bad eggs in the police, which has the responsibility of maintaining law and order, have continued to act with impunity, terrorising innocent citizens and behaving like criminals. In most cases, these killers in uniform get away with their unconscionable acts, and that has been the reason behind the continued killings. Several cases of police killings, including that of Mr. Modebayo Awosika – son-in-law of veteran journalist Alhaji Alade Odunewu – have yet to be conclusively dealt with and justice served without fear or favour. This must stop.

“Like we did in our earlier comment on this issue, may we also remind those under whose command these impunity are being perpetrated that they may also still be brought to justice years after they have left the force – as has happened in other countries around the world where cases of extra-judicial killings have been perpetrated.”

It called for an independent investigation into the death of the 52-year-old baker, identified as Mr. Ismaila Qadri, in the hands of some policemen from the Ipaja Police Station, Alagolo, because he allegedly could not ‘bail’ himself after he was arrested by policemen in the area.

The ACN said the police should not be entrusted with investigating the case, since no-one can be a judge in his own case.

“If the unfortunate death of this baker can be used by the authorities to begin the process of ending the mindless killing of Nigerians by the police, either at checkpoints, via illegal raids or in other circumstances, he would not have died in vain,” it said.


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  1. injustice says:

    Extra injustice has been a major problem in Nigeria, niger-delta become more dangerous after the killing of sarowiwa, the same thing with boko haram sect after the killing of Mohammand Yusuf, if the government/elites think they have the power to oppresse/attack they should also bear it in mind that the masses will do anything at all cost to defend themselves, the history has examples for instance Dr Fredrick formal president of cuba, left his profession as a doctor to defend his people from the oppression of thier government though he was initially tag a terrorist by the U. S. and his mission was miss-interpreted by the journalist, if Muhammod Yussuf as been given a fair trial the whole World would have, have idea of what the sect is fighting for, whether they are fighting against immoralities brought by western education or cancelling of western education, whether they are fighting against the corruption, injustice, oppression, irresponsibility and non-chalant atittude in the government or fighting the government, . . . and so on.

    My advice to the government, capture, arrest or killing the leader of the sect may not bring peace, because his next in command may be more dagerous, and the journalist should paint the sect with the right colour.

    I love Nigeria, am a Nigerian, no place can be like home. Let remove sentiments, personal ego and live as one.
    God bless Nigeria and God bless the Ummah.

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