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The day started like any other. Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi went out to inspect projects in various parts of the state. The inspection of roads and culverts started from the Ifaki-Iworoko-Ado-Ekiti Road and took the governor to the  House of Assembly complex, Afao-Ado-Ekiti Road and the power station at Omisanjana as well as the water project at Ajilosun.

Then Fayemi decided to inspect the Ilawe-Ado Road before retiring to his office. But as the convoy of three vehicles sneaked out of Ado-Ekiti, the capital of the state, to Ilawe, he noticed a very bad portion of the road.
He ordered the convoy to stop and came down to inspect the portion. He sought explanation from the officials of the Ministry of Works who supervised the project going on there. As he did, he was attracted by a jubilant shout of “Governor Fayemi!” by pupils of the nearby Itanla Primary School. Not even a rebuke by a cane-wielding teacher could dissuade the excited pupils who shouted the more.

Their effort paid off. As soon as the governor was through with the contractors and the officials, he went in the direction of the pupils, who were shouting and waving from their classes. The pupil of Primary Five A perhaps shouted the loudest. Fayemi spent about 20 minutes in the class, taking them through an English language lesson, followed by a session of verbal aptitude test.

“Good morning, children,” he greeted the pupils.

“Good morning, Sir,” they chorused in wild jubilation, adding: “Welcome to Primary 5 A”.

The governor ordered them to have their seat, after which he went straight to the  board and asked a few questions from a passage on the board. Apparently impressed by the smartness of the pupils, the governor asked them a few questions to determine their level of IQ. Again, the pupils were up to the task. They answered quite impressively.

In response to his question, most of the pupils told Dr Fayemi that they would like to be governors when they grew up. Some also said they would like to be both a medical doctor and governor at the same time.
The governor told the pupils that if they continue to excel in their academic pursuit the way they have demonstrated, they would eventually attained their ambition to be great.

According to him, “I can see that you are all smart boys and girls. If you continue to excel in your academic work and shun laziness, I am sure you too would soon become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a governor. You can
become anything you want to be if you are hard-working and focused.”

“I have no doubt in my heart that I am standing before future leaders of our state and our country. Just remain good boys and girls.”
The governor who commended the authority of the school said government was committed to creating environment that are conducive for leaning in its schools.

Speaking shortly after the encounter, Governor Fayemi said there was no big deal in taking some time off to teach the pupils as he is first and foremost a teacher.

“Well, I have just taught some smart pupils. There is really no big deal, because I am a teacher,” he said.

The governor said he was impressed with the quality of education at the public school, adding that his administration is committed to giving quality education to its citizens. He however admitted that some of the public schools do not have good buildings.The Governor  who said that poor learning environment was identified at the Education Summit as one of the bane to education and must be at par with productive learning added that his administration would build more classrooms where they are lacking but assured that they won’t be built as a political patronage.

“Wherever it is necessary, we will build classrooms but we will not build classrooms as a party patronage process. That happened in the last administration, as there are places where you don’t really build classrooms and you find low quality classrooms being built. That will not happen,” Fayemi submitted.

The governor said the appointment of  a renowned educationalist and World Bank Consultant, Prof Modupe Adelabu as chairman of the State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) was based on the need to have a professional as its board chairman.

He said this would enhance proper handling and repositioning of primary education in the state. Professor Adelabu was, until her appointment earlier in the month, a professor of Education at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

The wild jubilation of the excited pupils continued as the governor’s convoy snaked out of the area.


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