ACN to Challenge Akwa Ibom Gubernatorial Result

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May 2, 2011 No Comments ›› ACN (ji)

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has affirmed its decision to challenge the result of the April 26 gubernatorial election in Akwa Ibom State, which was won by the state governor, Godswill Akpabio.

The party, in a statement issued at the weekend by its national publicity secretary, Lai Mohammed, said it has “massive pictorial and video evidence to prove to the world that what is being held as an election in Akwa Ibom on April 26th is nothing but an unprecedented and barefaced rigging and mindless violence.”

The party also disowned the chairperson of the party in the state, Aniekan Akpan, for unilaterally taking up a newspaper advertorial to congratulate the state governor and accept the result of the April 26, 2011 gubernatorial election in the state. It said necessary disciplinary action will be meted out to the chairperson, whom he accused of belonging to the group of “food is ready” politicians.

“Akpan acted on his own and his action should be disregarded by all members and supporters of the ACN because it does not represent the stand of the party,” Mr Mohammed said.

“Every member is entitled to the benefit of doubt until he or she decides to dance naked in the public square, as the Akwa Ibom State chairman has now done,” ACN said.

Explaining how Mr Akpan’s action was unacceptable to the national executive, Mr Mohammed said the standard procedure is for the National Executive Committee to meet and deliberate on the elections, take reports from all stakeholders in the states and then set up a legal team to examine submission from the various states.

“It is only after this that the party can take a stand on the elections,” he said.

Subsequently, the deputy chairman, Amadu Attai has been made the acting chairman in place of Mr Akpan who has been suspended from the party. Mr Attai, the acting state chairman, and Fidelis Eddie, the state secretary, informed journalists in Uyo that Mr Akpan had been suspended from office and replaced in the interim with Mr Attai, until the disciplinary committee set up to investigate the activities of the suspended chairman submits their report.

The party however urged its supporters in Akwa Ibom to remain calm and allow the party to follow due process in dealing with the issue of mass rigging, violence and disenfranchisement.


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