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Governor Abiola AjimobiGovernor Ishaq Abiola Ajimobi emerged as Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, governorship candidate for Oyo State. For him politics is natural having been born to the family of Pa Ajimobi, a Member of the Western House of Assembly in the First Republic. Senator Ajimobi was MD, National Oil and Chemical Marketing Company before his election as Senator in 2003.

Interview with BASHIR ADEFAKA at his Ibadan residence on his life.

How did you get into politics?

Let’s start with ‘why’ and then we can go to the rest. I think the first reason being that I was born into a political dynasty: my grandfather was a politician. He was the first Sobaloju of Ibadan Land. My uncle (my father’s brother), was a Western Region minister and my father was a Member of the House of Assembly and then here I am. I have been a Senator and I am still in politics.

Now, answering your question of why I went into politics, I would say I am into politics to serve and to try to give back to the society. I have been very lucky and, besides, when you get to the age of 50, you should participate in contributing to your society in making life better for the people. Because from the age of 50 you begin to realize that you will die one day.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

If it’s money, I’m fairly okay. If it’s blessing, I have been blessed by God and there is no better joy than in giving. Like it’s been said by many philosophers: you make a living by what you earn and what you get but you make life by what you give. I want to give, like I have been giving, so that I can make life. And for me, it’s a lot of joy to see that you’ve made a lot of people better and that you’ve contributed to uplifting society development. There is no better joy than that.

It’s like the school I started there, each time I see people who graduated from the school, it gives me a lot of joy. Even when I was in the company in National Oil, in 1985, I was the one who built the new office in Jericho; I was the one who built the largest petrol station at that time in Nigeria which was called 3_in_1 in 1987; I was the one who built Toll Gate and so, at each time I pass by, there is this inner joy-great feeling of accomplishment that, look I have made landmark stations in my town and in the state.

Look, if people who die can still hear and see things, Chief Obafemi Awolowo would be the happiest man in Nigeria today. For me, I would love to do something that would be monumental in terms of making life better for our people.

Q: What was your growing up like?

I was born on December 16, 1949. I was a local boy. I was born in Oja’ba in the centre of Ibadan. I grew up just like any other local boy who ran around naked and played table tennis, went to cafeteria, you know, who rides rented bicycle all over the place. I wasn’t a withdrawn kid. I was playing football, playing table tennis, running races for my school, I was games prefect in my school; I was table tennis captain and I was the second best student in athletics and so on and so forth. Invariably, I was a sportsman as a young person.

As a growing up kid I was okay but sometimes, as a kid, you behave like a kid and I think I played my part as a kid.

What particular role did parenthood play in your life?

I think basically my father was a very contented man and so, I learnt to be contented with whatever I have. I believe that God does everything; you just have to push. That was very fundamental for me. I believe in integrity and if you go anywhere today people will say ‘Oh, your father had integrity!’ I learned that and it impacted on my behaviour. I am a very outspoken person: sometimes people take that to be arrogance but it’s just a misunderstanding because my father too was very outspoken. People would say, ‘ah, you speak like your father!’ So I think I took integrity, I took Godliness and I think contentment from him.

When you were ready for marriage, did you face any challenge from your parents regarding the kind of woman you should marry?

My parents had always been very enlightened and broadminded. They believed that once you have somebody that is not only in love with you but really loves you, you can marry her. It doesn’t matter the tribe, it doesn’t matter the nationality and I never had any problem. And for the son of a man that had five wives from different locations, I don’t think they would be fussy about whom I should marry and so they didn’t bother about that.

And how did you meet your wife?

We met initially in London, then we met in Nigeria; then we met at the bank. It was then I told myself: this is my wife.

How did you communicate that to her?

Oh, I went to her and said hello and she replied hello! The person with whom I went to the place asked, “How did you know the woman you are greeting?” I said go and ask the woman, don’t ask me. She then went away and I went my own way. The third time it was raining and I offered her my umbrella and she accepted my offer of umbrella. I then asked, “Do you remember me?” She said no. I said, “Well, we met before” and she said, “Okay, what’s the problem? You want me to use your umbrella or you want to toast me?” Many things later happened and in the end we got married.The particular attraction I saw in her was honesty, very hardworking and that, she still has.

How much of the good character you imbibed from your parents have you been able to pass on to your own children?

I have done that already. I have passed it on to them. You would not believe this: I visited my daughter three days ago and that was for the first time after her wedding.

And when I got to her house, the first thing I did when I entered was to tell my wife, “Yes, this is my daughter!” Because the house was neat! Simple furnishing but very neat! It reminded me of my style and I think my daughter and all my other children took it from me. You know, keeping the house clean, taking care of your husband or wife and making sure that all things are in their right places. That, I think it’s very important and I saw that when I visited her for the first time. And of course, the respect she has, the good character, I think it’s very important.

What startling event happened at your birth that you must have been told?

I think one of them was that The Nigerian Tribune was established about the time I was born. I won’t know many of those startling things but I was told that many great things happened during the time I was born; I think it was that time, I am not really sure, that India got its independence and many other countries too did.

What would you like to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as a man that came and left the world better than he met it.


  1. Teslim Abdulazeez says:

    My dear Senator, It’ll gladden my heart to see good things happening to my dear state beginning from May 29th 2011, when you’ll assume office (INSHA ALLAH) as the GOVERNOR of OYO STATE. Before then, I look forward to a more aggressive, issue base and people oriented campaign. We can’t afford to allow this opportunity slip by us. God help us as we RE ACTIVATE OYO STATE in progress and development.


    By special grace of God come May 29th, u will definately be sworn in as our Gorvernor, we are going to join hand with u to ensure our dear state move forward, people of ATISBO are solidly behind u,

  3. ALAO ADEDIRAN says:

    An orator as spoken!
    Oga mi sir…’s a divine enthronment, which no man can ever derail this time. You are the messiah that will set the PACE of our beloved state. Ogbomosos will vote for you……..Omo Ale ogbomoso ni Akala!

  4. Raphael Obadina says:

    If Oyo States needs change, they should vote ACN candidate for true change. Oyo State has been in the trap of the people that take the state as theirs, while the citizen of that state are surpose to be entitled to security, rights of living, their interference in govt activities and responsibilities and other amenities. This is what is called democracy practise, but the governor and his Late Lord have put the Oyo people out of their rights and amenities but buying properties and GOLD. I think the Oyo State People need a deliverance from the PDP and encounter a divine intervention with ACN and be happy like our Lagos where we chat with our governor and request for what we need.

  5. wale Abiodun says:

    My Gov sir, i am d most happier person on eartth on saturday, when we hold our flag off of our great party ACN oyo state, when some doubting Thomases now saw what our party is up to. Most of them have now agree dat ACN is a party 2 beat come next month & Abiola Ajimobi we be swearing in as our Governor. Dis is a man of intellegent, highlly educative, UP SAA, UP LAM, UP ALHAJI AYORINDE, UP SOUTH EAST

  6. Richard Bamidele says:

    Just make sure you do not disappoint the people,and always remember the son of whom you are when you assume duty as the governor of Oyo state by the special grace of God.God bless you.

  7. Akin Akinleye says:

    We thank God for this wonderful opportunity we have once again to stop this madness ravaging our dear Oyo State. It is quite appaling that a character like akala is my governor. It is a shame! Uncle Abiola, God is with us and we are working very hard to achieve victory for our great party-ACN. Just continue to preach the good news and make sure you address your people pragmatically at the eve of each election. Oluwa yo da emin gbogbo wa si lati gbadun ile Oyo. Oyo na oni baje o.

  8. Abiodun Okesooto says:

    EGBON MI.Good luky. you are there. God bless.

  9. dipson2011 says:

    All i know is the that the time of change for oyo and nigeria in general as come, Ajimobi you are the man emerging come may 29 2011.
    ACN is the answer

  10. Agboola Sulaiman Olufemi says:

    God is your strength. People really need to consider the selfless and good instincts that God has deposited in you without sentiment and then vote you as the governor of Oyo State . God in His infinite mercies will grant you the power to paddle Oyo State canoe. In Oyo State,after you it’s you. WE LOVE YOU.

  11. zharmard says:

    may God guide u through, in rulling oyo state.

  12. tajudeen says:

    i am very happy for you been voted as governor of oyo state , my wish for you is that you should not forget to fulfil your promise because those that decieve oyo state yesterday has been voted out and you should also remember that one former folish president of this contry were discussing the third term bid from senator,please i am using the opportunity that i have to talk to you that you should remember your grassroot as you said in your history do not disapoint people they are the one that God use for your support.may Allah continue his good deed in you Amen.

  13. seigo says:

    i congratulate d new elected governor f oyostste and d amiable first lady f d state for there victory upon d crisis dat is rocking d state over d bad leardership f alao akalsa pls sir kindly dissolve d nurtw in oyostate so dat u could able t perform yr function as d governor b 4 nw sir dis is m num 80132621547.

  14. Adesokan Opeyemi says:

    Now you are the Governor…..Please do your best so that someone like me will also see my way to the state House when i also become the Governor of this state


    pace has come to a new world since you have been their we have enjoined the real politics since the period you have being their I pray for GOD total support for you and your administration.just believe in yourself and God will not abandon you.democracy for justice will take control of Nigeria by the year 2015.amin. Action congress. democracy for justice

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